Science fiction podcast

A Science fiction podcast (sometimes shortened to sci-fi podcast or SF podcast) is a podcast belonging to the science fiction style, which focuses on futuristic and imaginative innovations in science and know-how even though checking out the effects of these imagined improvements. People in these stories generally come across eventualities that include place exploration, extraterrestrials, time journey, parallel universes, synthetic intelligence, robots, and human cloning. Inspite of the focus on fictional options and time durations, science fiction podcasts often consist of or reference destinations, gatherings, or people from the actual globe. The supposed viewers of a science fiction podcast can vary from youthful little ones to grownups.
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Science fiction podcasts developed out of radio dramas. Science fiction podcasts are a subgenre of fiction podcasts and are distinguished from fantasy podcasts and horror podcasts by the absence of magical or macabre themes, respectively, however these subgenres often overlap. Science fiction podcasts have normally been adapted into television systems, graphic novels, and comics.

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