Long Bell – New interior Design Company and a Game Changer in Bangalore

A group of young professional are here in the city to solve some big problem in the interior design industry. Parallel they are open for interior design projects.

As we know, Interior design is a complete creative field and which made the industry a commercial mix to understand the pricing in the industry. Upon relevant Experience and detailed study these people came up in the name of Longbell are ready to challenge any interior design company in the arena.

They have really tapped the main commercial point in the industry. As there are no standard in pricing these people has come up with very valid and reasonable pricing.

They are now finalized the detailing of interior design patterns and furniture pricing based on the material process and creative cost.

Now Longbell has come up with a very new kind of budget choosy approach, where based on your budgets you can go for a specific selection and the effectiveness is explained.

There are few similar interior design companies in the city with budgeting option, but LongBell is the only company which can provide you the breakup details and transparency.

Let me list out few kinds of projects which Longbell is ready to take-up:

Kitchen,bedroom, living room and office.

Kitchen Interior:

Long bell is open for any design based kitchen in the industry, either it can be in India style western or Italian. And it is also open for all varied kind of components.


Longbell can provide some excellent bedroom suggestion and also promise you the best component usage with different creative approaches. We can find all the relevant catalogue with them.

Living room:

It's a combination of furniture, color schema and magical way of handling and placement.

Longbell are ready to create the magical ambiance. They have a vast catalogue to choose and also to customize.

But they prefer to give a complete package in the name of All Room scope.

They also say. All room package would be a effective package as it can reduce the common overheads.

This creative team are now operating in Bangalore and are open for pan India based in the project size.

Longbell can handle some corporate projects with some limitations. Now these experts are ready to make a mark in the industry.

Mani motto lo start Longbell is to, change the way interior design project happens and handled.

Longbell is the only team which has a balanced R&D and Client team in the city.

They are also willing start their operations in some metro cities like Hyderabad and Mumbai.

The main hook point of Longbell is its location. They are place in center of the city, and they won't add the location cost on you.as they have some specific operations which can take care of location overheads.

Now Longbell would be the only company in Bangalore which can promise the best price, best quality and surprisingly best in time delivery.

We suggest you to check with Longbell for any interior design projects.

There is nothing wrong in giving a try, if you skip it, you might miss some effective interior design company for your one-time home.

For any other details, you can check their website or their active Facebook page.

If you need more information please visit: interior design pune

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