4 Rules To Be A Good Actor, Emcee And A Model

 One needs to have immense talent and ability to be a shining star in from of the screen. The ability to make the crowd laugh or cry by your words or acting is what makes one a good star in any field. Be it acting or modelling or hosting a show having some set of skills helps one achieve great heights and reach soaring heights. Below are a few tips and something like a beginners guide to be the best in different fields.

Being an emcee is not an easy job. If you have ever been on stage, even if it is a number of times, you can tell of how anxiety kicks in even if we do not want it or even if we are prepared thoroughly. There are some simple rules to be the best emcees in India.

  • Going through the speech thoroughly is the key. Before the show read the script so as you do not go blank in from of the audience. Do not learn it. It needs to be smooth flowing and with the flow of the show.
  • A good opening is the key. Getting the audience hooked since the start can make alot of difference and get the show going easily and smoothly
  • Keep the jokes minimal. As too many jokes do not fit well with everyone. An trying to be funny is not the key to get attention.
  • There are times the show does not go the way it is planned. The emcee needs to be prepared and stay in line. Being positive is something that helps set the tone right for the show

Acting is not everyone's cup of tea. With talent it requires great skills of balancing and showing the audience only what needs to be shown. Some tips to hone the skills and be a best Bollywood actor.

  • If one is stressed it shows and is quite evident in front of a camera. Relaxing and working swiftly makes the scene enjoyable and
  • Keep a healthy emotional life. The emotions can be sensed and understood. If a person is feeling low it shows through and reflects on their acting.
  • Get into the character. Understanding the character is extremely important. Know the character and be what the role demands only then can one give a good performance act.
  • Observe, read and understand individuals. This helps build a character and skills.

Modelling is not something everyone can do. It is a tedious job and requires skills to get the brands and products to hire you. Or to model for a particular designer is a responsibility as you represent that brand.

  • Models have to be in right shape. It takes effort to maintain and have the best body in India or anywhere around.
  • Making a good portfolio is important. It helps one in the selection process.
  • Socialise and be seen. SO people notice you. Go to the right events and parties.

Get in touch with the right agents and agencies who recruit the models. This helps as these companies are in touch with brands who are in need for fresh faces.

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